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Hey there!

I'm Taby, and I am Tabs Labs. Tabs Labs is short for Taby's Laboratories, a series of creative concoctions including but not limited to: original costume designs and builds, replica costumes, props, and creature creation.

My Story

My Cosplay journey began in 2013 when my dad and I went to our first comic convention, DragonCon in Atlanta Georgia. My whole life growing up near Atlanta, we never heard about this convention, but it started a father-daughter tradition to go to every year and dress up. Growing up I always loved wearing costumes, and the older I got, the more I enjoyed making my own Halloween and event costumes. After that first visit to DragonCon in 2013, it opened my eyes to the world of cosplay. Knowing now that there was this entire industry, I decided to improve my costume making skills. With the help of watching cosplay tutorial videos by Kamui Cosplay and Kinpatsu Cosplay, my skill became perfected and is still being perfected today. Cosplay has always and will always be an enjoyable creative adventure for me, and to top it all off, the best reward is seeing people smile and happy when they witness your cosplay in person. Sometimes it's like seeing your favorite character or fantasy come to life, and if I can provide that happiness to others, then it's all worth it.

Throughout my cosplay journey, I have found a love for creating original designs based off of video game/pop culture works. I have also found myself competing my work and have been a contestant in 8 competitions nationwide. My two latest original designs have won Judges Choice awards: Megacon Orlando Grand Prix Sunshine Qualifier @leeleethebunny Judges Choice Award in 2023 and Anime St. Pete's @kayecosplay Judges Choice Award in 2022. 

Aside from cosplay, I am a full-time musician and was previously a film/tv video editor affiliated with SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture Television Engineers) and HPA (Hollywood Professional Association) and was a chosen Young Entertainment Professional (YEP) under 30 in 2020. I gained a Suncoast Commercial Emmy for my editing work in 2019 and worked with brands such as Feld Entertainment's Disney On Ice, Marvel Universe Live, Monster Jam, Bissell, Johnsonville Sausage, NASCAR, The Atlanta Braves, and more. 

Anyways, thanks for reading about me and I hope you take control of your life and make it the best one for YOU!


Dad and I at DragonCon 2016

Dad and I at MegaCon 2022

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